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Everything remains the same
June 2008

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Everything remains the same,
High authorities still playing political games,
And I'm still like, "you've got the seat in parliament,"
"You turn the world around, you command a decent following."

So everything remains the same,
"You over-charged us conductor, give the people their change."
"Iwe mfanha1 you're wasting our time,"
"Kick him off the ET2 if he's not paying."
That's how I ended up walking to the city centre today.

But I'm saying - why do we moan and groan,
Huddle up together and in unison say, "I'm alone,"
And why do I feel left out when I'm in a crowd
And everybody else says "me too" but how

Does everything remain the same
Especially when you think that it will change,
"But the people don't act, they just complain,"
Ever figured out who is saying that - the people - Shame!

So, what's the difference?
(I mean, I'm talking about my ET incident)
OK fine, so the guy is over-charging
But I might as well pay ‘cause no one else is barging.

But I am, I chose to refuse.
So, you can highlight that tonight on the eight o'clock news
Why does everything remain the same?
‘Cause we allow ourselves to be short-changed.

So what's the difference?
I am the difference.
So what's the difference?
I am the difference.
Between my failure and my success,
Between my sadness and happiness,
I am the difference.

Yet, everything remains the same.

Poet Note:
(1) You, boy!
(2) Emergency taxi, popular form of public transport.

About the author

Born Ngonidzashe Enos Tapiwa in March 1982 - MYBRUTHAZKEEPA started writing poetry at the age of eleven. He describes his poetry as "hip-hop orientated social commentary inspired by my own feelings and experiences." With Outspoken he is a member of the hip-hop duo ‘Dialective Blue (TSU)' and has performed at various international events including The Harare International Festival of the Arts (2007), The Zimbabwe International Book Fair (2007), INTWASA Arts Festival (2007) and African Poetry Night (2006).

Mybruthazkeepa has participated in the House of Hunger poetry slam at the Book Café since 2006 and has showcased his work at many local events. He has also part taken in the drama ‘Illusions' at the Mannenberg theatre. He says of himself, "I aspire to write a hip-hop poetic theatre, which incorporates music, theatre, poetry and dance."

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