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  • Madzibaba muhutapwa - My family
    G.O.D. Obori
    June 2008

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    Madzibaba muhutapwa
    Vepamusika madzimai muchizarira
    Vechidiki mudzidziro voremadzwa
    Pwere mujecha guruva kwese kwese
    Mhuri yekwangu

    Misha yedu ichiputswa
    Dikita redu vanopamba vachisveta
    Mukudzidza votsutsumwa vachisvipwa
    Kusvika riinhi tichirozwa nadzo mbavha
    Mhuri yokwangu

    Chera mwena iwe mhandu
    Mupanduki nguva yako yazokwana
    Hapachisina wakanyepera vakuru
    Wapedza hondo Toyitoyi taidzosa
    Mhuri yokwangu

    My Family

    Fathers are in bondage. Market women are locked in cages. Students are maimed at their educational centres. Young children are surrounded by dust. That is the way of life for the poet's family. The poet then closes with a stern warning to the perpetrator: Your time is up; you better find somewhere to hide; we are going to fight back.

    About the Author

    G.O.D. Obori (meaning spiritual healer, though the initials G.O.D. are an acronym for "gaining one's definition"), whose given name is Biko Mutsaurwa, has pioneered a new, striking form of poetry. Marrying deep Shona with contemporary struggles, he effortlessly blends Shona culture with the Hip Hop generation. G.O.D. Obori's style is powerful and rhythmic, strongly criticising oppressive systems in Zimbabwe and beyond. He has performed in Zimbabwe, Kenya and South Africa.

    G.O.D. Obori is also a leading Hip Hop artist and community activist, organising alternative shows in poor communities where music is used as a tool for liberation.

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