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What's up guys...?
Comrade Fatso
May 2008


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Ndeipi genga, ari sei sei marunnings!
Mahwani, rega tirove maone one
But maone one often become matwo two
And we end up leaving the club kuma to two
‘Cause we're a nation of drinkers
Brown bottles become blinkers
Patrons where once there were thinkers
Thinking where the money for the next drink is
‘Cause we only revolt in bottle stores
Where revolution becomes bar talk
Brown bottles become megaphones for bar-stool politicians
And watch out ‘cause scud missiles are our secret weapons
Yes, we want change
We want it now!
That's if it's enough to buy the next round
Like I said, we're revolting in bottle stores
Tomorrow we carry this to the shop-floors
Where we'll charge in with our colonial hang-overs
That don't allow us to revolt when sober
Ndeipi genga, ari sei sei marunnings!
Mahwani, rega tirove maone one
Ndeipi genga, ari sei sei marunnings!
Mahwani, rega tirove maone one.

So the next day the babarazi army and bar-stool politicians deploy themselves in their millions
And disguise themselves as normal civilians
Some selling air-time, other veggies
Some walking, some in Mercedes
Mostly men but some ladies
All thinking about tonight's strategies
So, they go about their individual runnings
Very cunning
Appearing isolated in their day-to-day hustlings
All thinking about tonight's regrouping
Pakupera pezuva vasangana kubawa
Vachiaddresswa naGeneral Kudhakwa na Comrade Hwahwa
Baya wa baya aaaaaaaah
Yowerere yave nyama yekugocha!

As the warriors of today attack the braaing meat with revolutionary fervour
Militant discussions progress further and further
Freedom fighters become scuba divers diving deeper and deeper
Into a militant dissident drunken stupor
As the announcement comes from General Kudhakwa
"Comrades, our strategy is to retreat and go no further
Comrades, I have news that maybe things will get better
Comrades, pamwe zvichananka!"3

(1) What's up guys? How's everything? It's tight. Let's have one each.

(2) At the end of the day, being addressed by General hang-over and Comrade beer, stab and stab, pierce and pierce, strike and strike. Now the meat is roasting.

(3)Together it will get better.

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  • What's up guys...?
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