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Catalogue of amaBooks
November 16, 2006

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Short Writings from Bulawayo III, edited by Jane Morris
(ISBN: 0-7974-3131-4)

Short Writings from Bulawayo III, edited by Jane Morris The third in the prize winning Short Writings from Bulawayo series - a collection of 25 short stories and 7 poems about life in Zimbabwe. In the collection are: writers who have stayed in Zimbabwe, who have passed through or who live in the diaspora; writers who have won the Caine Prize for African Writing, the Welsh Book of the Year Award, the M-Net Prize, the Ingrid Jonker Prize, the National Arts Merit Award . . . ; writers who are known, and writers who will be known. All tell stories. All will contribute to a bright future for writing in Zimbabwe.



Hatchings, by John Eppel
(ISBN: 0-7974-3039-3)

Hatchings, by John EppelIt is New Year in Bulawayo, and anybody who is anybody is out celebrating.

Hatchings was chosen by Professor Anthony Chennells in the Times Literary Supplement as his choice of the most significant book to have come out of Africa.

"Beneath the scurrility, this is a profoundly romantic novel. It tells of a touching love story between a young white couple who are saved from the prevailing Philistinism and corruption by two things - a love of English literature and a love of the Matopos." - Terence Ranger in The Zimbabwean Review


Zimbabwe's Cultural Heritage, by Pathisa Nyathi
(ISBN: 0-7974-2897-6)

Zimbabwe's Cultural Heritage, by Pathisa NyathiZimbabwe's Cultural Heritage is a collection of pieces on the culture of the Ndebele, Shona, Tonga, Kalanga, Nambiya, Xhosa and Venda, which won first prize at this year's Zimbabwe Book Publishers Association Awards for Non-Fiction: Humanities and Social Sciences. The book is based on published material, Pathisa Nyathi's personal experiences and on interviews that capture the memories of elders such as the ‘mobile library', Nyumbana ‘Driver' Dube, Gogo Matshazi, Hudson Halimana Ndlovu, Lawrence Jenjezwa and Duncan Sinampande.

Pathisa Nyathi gives the reader an insight into the world view of different peoples, through descriptions of their history and life events such as pregnancy, marriage and death.

" . . . the most enduring book ever on Zimbabwean history. This book will help people change their attitudes towards each other in Zimbabwe." Zimbabwe Book Publishers Association Awards Judges.


Sonatas, by Deon Marcus

(ISBN 0-7974-3047-4)

Sonatas, which won the 2005 National Arts Merit Award for best first book and first prize at the Zimbabwe Book Publishers Awards for Poetry and Drama, is a collection of personal poems written over a period of five years. They reflect Deon Marcus' experiences and varied interests, whether in ancient history, art, music or poetry, and bring together aspects of life in their most basic forms. The poems in Sonatas are sometimes strangely utopian and hopeful, sometimes nostalgic and tragic. Some have the flavour of Africa, particularly Zimbabwe, but geography is secondary as the appeal of his work is universal.

"Few Zimbabwean poets have managed to move convincingly beyond the contradictions that colonialism has imposed on us; but Deon Marcus does; and he does it over and over again . . . . Now here comes a voice, fresh as a "Monet morning with the sun / breathing warmth across an ochre sky". And it speaks of joy, the joy that grows out of a profound awareness that shadows don't exist without light . . . Deon Marcus is a poet - not from London or New York or Harare, but from Bulawayo - and we are very proud of him." John Eppel, The Zimbabwean

"A delightful collection that has the effect of restoring faith in the good things of life: love, food, music, dance, art, history and culture, reminiscences . . . " - Zimbabwe Book Publishers Association Awards Judges


Short Writings from Bulawayo II, edited by Jane Morris
(ISBN: 0-7974-2896-8)

Short Writings from Bulawayo II, edited by Jane MorrisShort Writings from Bulawayo II is a collection of short stories and poems that take the reader on a journey through the townships of Bulawayo, to the rural areas and beyond. It would be unforgivable in today's Zimbabwe to publish an anthology that did not reflect the struggles of the people to survive poverty and oppression and the way that cultural expectations impact on their daily lives. As well as pathos, there is often humour in the closely observed portrayals of township denizens. A common theme in the pieces is the singular fortitude of Zimbabweans in the face of adversity.

The reader has only to dip into this collection to get a feel of life in present day Zimbabwe.

"Short Writings from Bulawayo II is a joy to read, the kind of book you will pick up again and again to revisit your own favourite pieces. An essential read for anyone interested in life in Zimbabwe." The Zimbabwean


Erina, by Wim Boswinkel
(ISBN 0 7974 2539 X)

Erina, by Wim Boswinkel Johan comes to Africa to manage a tea plantation. He meets Erina, and his life changes forever. The story takes a leap into the unknown, blending an African setting with the fantastic premise at its core: the arrival of a black female Christ-figure. Erina won first prize in the Zimbabwe Book Publishers Association Awards for Best First Book (Fiction).


"Erina is a story of the Second Coming, a girl child this time, born not in Bethlehem, not in Rome, not in Waco (Texas), but in a remote village in the middle of Africa." - John Eppel

"A mischievous book that weaves fact, opinion, history and mystery in a way one will not be able to forget. It is an exciting book about Europe, South Africa, black people, white people, sex and AIDS." - Zimbabwe Book Publishers Association Awards Judges

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