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My vision of a Women's Coalition
Betty Makoni
November 06, 2006

This poem is for women all round the world to form groups wherever and whenever they want and should not stopped from using whatever space and place they want to retreat ,talk ,laugh, joke and be themselves. Those who stop other women from forming coalitions are oppressors)

Dream after dream, vision after vision
Step by step, day by day
My one vision of a women`s coalition; a space, a safe one
Activism not passivism
Appreciation not antagonism not apprehension
Coordinated and not condemned not compromised
Classless not clashes not
Energy not egoism not elitism
Constructive criticism not destructive criticism
Diversity not division not diversion

A space to be hugged not harassed
A space to be developed not destroyed
A space for sisterhood not sinsterhood
A space to explore not to be pondered
A space to be liberal not to be limited
This one space, space for women to coalesce
Whispers perpetuate gossip none of that in women`s coalition
One whisper corrodes, one loud voice connects, coordinates
My vision of a women's coalition is one I envision

This one space will be passion full, bubbling like bubbles
Space to feel womanhood, girlhood, feminism, fairness
Victim transformed into survivor
Survivor transformed into activist
Confident women not confused women
Visionary women not victimized women
Supported women not scorned and scared women
Backed up women not betrayed not blamed women

Be they a group, forum, network, caucus,club,solidarity this or that
Whatever name ,definition remains women`s coalition, action defines louder
Women coalesce whenever, wherever
In a maternity ward, funeral, conference,retreat
Women just coalesce whenever, wherever
Burial society, life society, money club, baby shower,kitchen party
Formal or informal, formed or deformed , urban or rural,here or there
Women should just coalesce whenever and wherever
My vision of a women`s coalition thus
Whenever and wherever women coalesce will be the women's coalition

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