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  • Operation Murambatsvina - Countrywide evictions of urban poor - Index of articles

  • Poem on Operation Murambatsvina
    S Mutopa
    December 05, 2005

    You came Dressed in a radical costume
    Our homes and riches,
    you swept away Yes,
    you left us naked,
    empty handed With nothing,
    nothing but our black skins

    Naked and hungry we stand
    Our skins itch from the ravages of Mother Nature.
    The diseases, rains, wind, the heat and the cold.
    Naked and hungry we still stand

    You promised us, "Garikai!"
    Yet in a coma we remain, groaning.
    Groaning from the pains of your operation

    Caught up in this Nagasaki
    We are bitter, angry and hurt
    Prisoners in our own country
    Like mice we stand trapped

    Operation Murambatsvina
    How could you operate,
    without taking an x-ray?
    To give you a picture
    Of how to treat us, the victims.

    We still stand, wondering,
    where is the future?

    *S. Mutopa is a student at Nyamhunga School, an affiliate member of BWAZ. Learners willing to be published should send their manuscripts to The Editor, BWAZ, Box 4209, Harare. Schools willing to affiliate to BWAZ should send applications to the same address.

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