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May we shine
Bev Reeler
March 24, 2003

The planet turned past the equinox
we are in a new space.

As the last throes of our old belief system lash out in violent shuddering
the first ever global peace initiatives spread across the earth
lit by a million candles

shining in the darkness.

For 2 days Zimbabweans throughout the country
took courage in their hands and staged a successful and peaceful stay away.

It has been met with retribution
violent beyond belief.

Activists - and their families - have had their homes broken into by government militia
they have been arrested beaten, tortured and raped

Margaret Kulinji, MDC Harare Province Women's Executive member, her mother and father were attacked at their home in Mabvuku last night. Margaret and her mother were both sexually assaulted with a rifle, among other things . . . and her brother is now missing.

Over 250 people poured into hospitals within 24 hours
and they have stayed after treatment
too afraid to return home.

280 are still incarcerated in jail - their injuries as yet untreated.

Today the stories of horror and abuse still pour in -
200 arrested in Chinhoyi
The handful of lawyers, doctors and human rights activists
who are still able
work on their last resources
tired, stressed, but still there
small voices standing against the flood.

My heart aches with our collective pain
for in Zimbabwe we are experiencing the full horror of this uncontrolled power
our leaders and militia are running their last steps in this journey
fired by violence.

But we have opened the door to peace
and there is no turning back -
for there is nowhere to go from here.

Evidence of the government violence
is evidence of their fear
the madness created by holding on to power.

Peace is in our hearts
it is something we are involved in creating
there is no thought of failure.

In these times of the greatest darkness
a new web of energy emerges.

People across the planet calling for peace

May we shine.

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