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VAWZ news
Veterinarians For Animal Welfare Zimbabwe (VAWZ)
February 06, 2013

I am writing this from a very snow laden Norfolk - I was so excited when it first started snowing last week- but 8 days later I have had enough! - we have had snow on top of snow, then ice, then more snow, the icicles hanging outside my flat window are getting longer each day, & my car is just completely buried in the white stuff.

Walking up to the shops on pathways inches deep in snow is not for the faint-hearted, & one runs the gauntlet of kids throwing snowballs in all directions (think they take great delight if they hit a pensioner - by mistake, of course!). If it is not snowballs, it is toddlers sitting in sledges passing at great speed pulled by exhausted grandparents.

Think I spend more on wild birdseed than I do on my own food - but that's all part of winter in the UK!

I had been hoping to generate some funding for VAWZ locally, but all the well-established animal welfare organizations here, because of the recession are battling for funding for themselves, so understandably, they just don't have the means to help animals outside the UK. A horse sanctuary here in Norfolk, last year took in 250 horses & ponies that had been surrendered or abandoned, more than any previous year.

In November I met up with VAWZ Trustee Cindy Griffith in London, together with Donnamarie O'Connell of the RSPCA - where we discussed possible ways of helping VAWZ. Cindy and I are soon to have a meeting with The Brooke (a UK based charity for working equines) who in 2011 gave a generous grant to VAWZ for it's work with donkeys. Having sent detailed reports & photos of our work in 2012, The Brooke has invited VAWZ to meet with them with a view to further funding. I have always wanted to see a permanent Donkey Clinic established in Beitbridge - maybe at last this can be achieved?!

I am in regular touch with Mel and the VAWZ Inspectors who continue to do a fantastic job - can't tell you much I miss them all..

The VAWZ Fundraising team also send me news of their activities - without them VAWZ could not continue with it's vital work - so know you will continue to support all their fundraising efforts.

Finally - out of sight is not out of mind, & the animals of Zimbabwe are ALWAYS in my thoughts.

- Meryl Harrison

February 2013

"It was with great sadness that I learnt of the passing of Rose Nurse at Borradaile Hospital in Marondera on Friday 1st February, 2013. She will be remembered for her strength of character & loyalty to issues and people that she cared about, especially her unconditional love for animals, which stood her in good stead as a formidable Chairman of Harare SPCA in the 90's.

A great golfer and gardener, Rose led a very full life until she became so incapacitated by poor health. Animal welfare in Zimbabwe has lost a valiant champion".

Recent VAWZ news (Mel and the Inspectors)

VAWZ Inspectors last week managed to apprehend notorious puppy vendor Rickson Madanhire who had 2 puppies, both with terrible "fly-strike" wounds on their heads. The puppies were immediately taken for treatment and Madanhire incarcerated. Investigations revealed a past history of his being wanted for several offences under the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Act & including others of assault. VAWZ Inspectors liased with the Public Prosecutor and at the court hearing the Judge sentenced Madanhire to 6 months in jail. VAWZ staff acknowledges and appreciates the support given to them by the Zimbabwe Republic Police, the Public Prosecutor and members of the public who report the illegal vendors.

VAWZ staff recently returned from Victoria Falls where, working with the Division of Vet Field Services staff and using rabies vaccines donated by Wild Horizons Wild LifeTrust, 321 dogs and 9 cats were vaccinated and minor ailments treated. An exhausting few days but so beneficial to the local community.

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