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Matter of public record
Zimbabwe Liberators Platform (ZLP)
March 12, 2004

The Zimbabwe Liberators Platform (ZLP) would like to refute patently false reports by The Herald of 12 March 2004 that attempts were made to transform the organisation into a political party at the behest of and with funding from the British.

ZLP does not have and never has had intentions to depart from its founding agenda and transform itself into a political party. The organisation remains steadfast in its quest for peace, harmony and development in Zimbabwe. ZLP was formed by genuine war veterans with a view to restoring the tarnished image of war veterans to ensure that they do not lose sight but remain focused on the core values, aims and objectives of the liberation war.

It is a non-partisan, non-governmental organisation whose objectives include:

  • To promote democratic values and advocate respect for the rule of law.
  • To engage in dialogue and collaborate with all stakeholders in order to promote harmony, peace, stability and development.
  • To rehabilitate and empower war veterans, former detainees and former war collaborators so that they cease to be a burden on society, thus avoiding manipulation by unscrupulous politicians.

ZLP is determined to maintain its independence and non-partisanship and not become an appendage of any political party whatsoever. Constructive criticism of the ruling party and the government is given in good faith and is intended to ensure accountability and improve the welfare of people.

ZLP enjoys membership from war veterans, former detainees, former war collaborators and members of the public who subscribe to its values, aims and objectives. Therefore those who spend sleepless nights fearing that ZLP would form a political party should rest assured that ZLP has no such intention.

In addition, ZLP has never received any funding from the British or the Germans as reported by The Herald and views the allegation as a desperate attempt by the government to establish a spurious link between the organisation and Britain that fits into its propaganda framework of its perceived dispute with the former colonial power. No funds have ever been abused at ZLP and its auditors have not found or reported any financial abuse or irregularities in the management of its finances.

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