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Threat to use military force against demonstrators condemned
Zimbabwe Liberators' Platform (ZLP)
May 30, 2003

The Zimbabwe Liberators Platform representing genuine war veterans, would like to remind ZNLWVA that:

  • Demonstrations by any Zimbabwean citizen or group of nationals is a constitutional right as long as it is peaceful.
  • No one has legal or moral authority or right to use military force to stop a demonstration. Real war veterans will not use their "own military experience" to suppress a peaceful demonstration. Only rogue elements masquerading as war veterans threaten to fight and intimidate the people. After all, genuine freedom fighters took up arms to dislodge a colonial regime that used military force against the people who were demanding their basic rights and freedoms, including the right to demonstrate peacefully.

ZLP strongly condemns the use of force, by anybody whatsoever, to suppress peaceful demonstrations by any citizens or group of citizens.

ZLP would also like to appeal to any members of the public who plan to demonstrate to do so peacefully.

Visit the ZLP fact sheet

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